For rain wipers, snow wipers, rain replacement rubber, etc., "Maruenu Co., Ltd." in Asaka City, Saitama Prefecture-Company Profile


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President’s message

Since its inception in 1949, Maruenuhas grown steadily as the Japanese automobile industry has developed.
In 1952, Maruenuentered the wiper business, developing, producing and marketing products that responded to the demands of the time and met the needs of users.
As a specialist in windshield wipers with a lineup of products for automobiles as well as ships and trains, we will continue to offer products that satisfy the needs of our growing base of customers.

Company overview

Name Maruenu Co.,Ltd.
Officer CEO: Shigeru Oshio
Executive chairman: Choi Jongmun
Managing director: Cho Jinsung
Location 1-40, Sakaecho 2-chome, Asaka city, Saitama 351-0012, Japan
Telephone +81-48-461-4173 (Sales Dept.)
Established 1954
Business Planning, design, manufacture and sales of wipers as well as other automotive parts
Development and sales of car navigation systems, drive recorders, home appliances, etc.
Sales offices Sapporo sales office Sendai sales office Tokyo sales office Osaka sales office, NP Division

Company history

1949 Started designing and manufacturing specialized small motors
1952 Company begins the manufacture of automatic automotive windshield wiper systems.
1954 Reorganized into a stock company and given the name of “MaruenuCo.,Ltd.”
1957 Begins the manufacture and sales of car heaters
1958 Begins the manufacture and sales of dedicated electric fans for automobiles
1969 Begins the manufacture and sales of car air conditioner
Begins the manufacture and sales of compacheat, a type of simple central heating device
1972 Working with DAS Corp. (US), begins the manufacturer and sales of sunroofs
1994 Begins the manufacture and sales of “Gyraless”, a wiper that removes oil film through the use of tourmaline
2013 Gained “ISO9001” certification, an international standard that demonstrates the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements
2015 Begins the manufacturer and sales of the“μTechnoAero Design Wiper”
2021 Became a subsidiary of CAP Co.,Ltd.(KOR) through M&A
2022 Started NP Division through business transfer