Gyraless Snow Blade


There is only one Maruenu
powerful tourmaline removes oil buildup, resulting in superior visibility even winter

Similar to our rain wipers, these patented wipers are based on tourmaline technology. Tourmaline activates slightly electrolyzed water, penetrating the oil – which is water impenetrable – right down to the surface of the glass, lifting up the oil film. By adopting an air seal that does not allow water to pass through air, we realized a completely sealed structure that prevents the wiper from freezin

    Gyraless Wipper Blade


There is only one Maruenu
powerful tourmaline removes oil buildup, resulting in superior visibility!

Fine particles of tourmaline are kneaded into the rubber of the wiper blade that gradually breaks down and removes the oil film adhering to the surface of the windshield. After the oil film is removed, tourmaline technology prevents future oil film buildup. Maruenu has acquired a patent for this tourmaline technology - the only windshield wiper in the world that can make this claim - making it the overwhelming choice of a legion of drivers.

   μ CHAMP Prova


Smooth and amazing wiping! Visibility protected by graphite

The bilateral non-symmetrical design provides superior visibility during high-speed driving. Optimal design dictated by wiper length means an outstanding fit with the glass surface. The nano-level graphite-coated rubber ensures smooth wiping. The high-endurance coating makes for beautiful lines and the frame holds up well to rust.

  μ Techno Aero Design


An aerodynamic design that wipes away the rain and cuts through the wind!

We have adopted a spoiler-shaped reinforced plastic main body for our wipers. The stylish aerodynamic form prevents lifting due to wind pressure while driving, providing a level of security even in driving rain unimaginable until now. By adopting a hybrid structure that covers the shortcomings of  conventional wipers as well as flat wipers, we have realized excellent wiper performance. We have adopted graphite-coated rubber, which translated into a quiet, smooth wiping action. With their superior design, Maruenu wipers are also the best choice when it comes to style!



Our water-repellant design means water is absolutely no problem! Drops of water literally explode when the wipers are on!

When in operation, the wipers quickly and easily cover the windshield with a water-repellant coating. With our unique technology that combines graphite with domestically produced silicon rubber, we’ve developed a wiper that creates a water repellant coating of fine silicon particles that repels water. With Maruenu’s unique development capabilities, we’ve realized excellent water repellency, wiper performance and durability. Chatter vibration while using is minimized.


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